St. Louis alderwoman says she called 911 multiple times, but no one answered


ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - A St. Louis Alderwoman says she called 911 over the weekend—several times—and kept getting a busy signal.

Alderwoman Cara Spencer says she called 911 four separate times for an emergency over the Memorial Day weekend and each time got a busy signal. The problem she says is not enough dispatchers.

"This is breaking down the trust between the community and the police department," Spencer says. "You are calling 911 in a time of an emergency and so it is imperative that we be able to take those calls."

Spencer, who is running for Mayor of St. Louis next year, says the city's 911 system is supposed to have 60 dispatchers, but it currently is short 20. 

KMOX left messages seeking comment from Public Safety Director Judge Jimmy Edwards. He has not called us back.

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