St. Louis City, County considers taking guns away from domestic abusers

guns on display at store

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - People convicted of domestic abuse – or under a restraining order for domestic abuse – would no longer be able to carry concealed guns, under proposals pending in St. Louis City and County. 

County Executive Sam Page sent a letter to the council Friday, asking them to pass a law prohibiting domestic abusers from carrying a concealed firearm. 

"Two of the significant public safety challenges facing St. Louis County are crimes involving guns and domestic violence," Page writes, "This proposed legislation would address both at once by banning domestic abusers from carrying concealed weapons." 

Meanwhile, the St. Louis Board of Aldermen is considering a similar bill, sponsored by Alderwoman Christine Ingrassia. Ingrassia says it's not just a hypothetical argument to suggest that domestic abusers may later harm someone with a gun. 

"There was at least one situation (in St. Louis) where the partner of a woman was charged with killing her with a gun after he had already been charged with a domestic violence charge," Ingrassia said. 

Ingrassia says her bill would make it easier for city police to confiscate guns from people with criminal records for domestic violence, or people from people under restraining orders for domestic violence. The measure would expand a similar federal law already on the books. 

County Executive Page says in his letter to the council that he thinks such a law could withstand a court challenge. 

"The County Counselor has assured me that state law permits St. Louis County to regulate guns in this manner," Page said. 

A similar law passed in Kansas City in November. 

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