Residents, volunteers question understaffed St. Louis County Animal Shelter practices

animal dog behind fence with paw up

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. (KMOX) — "The St. Louis County Animal Shelter needs to be reaching out to the community, to the nonprofits that are continually offering to help."

Shelter volunteer Beth Wasserstrom told the St. Louis County Council that animals are being held because they don't have the veterinarian staff to spay and neuter the dogs and cats.

The shelter is now recommending the animals be adopted out, unaltered.

"No unaltered animal should ever be adopted from an animal shelter, period," Wasserstrom said.

Residents, like Donna from Overland, are upset and want to hear what is going to be done.

"We can tell you that we care about these animals and we just ask that maybe another update from Spring Schmidt is due," Donna said.

Spring Schmidt is the Acting Director of St. Louis County Public Health and briefed the Council on the shelter last month. Since then, two veterinarians have resigned and no other updates have been provided to citizens.

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