St. Louis County calling on the National Guard for COVID-19 testing help

ST LOUIS (KMOX) - St. Louis county executive Dr. Sam Page has sent a letter to the governor asking for help from the National Guard.  Page told the Charlie Brennan Show with Amy Marxkors he requested 50 people to take over the COVID-19 testing sites in the county.

"So those nurses who volunteered can go back into the health systems and help there," Page said. "We knew this would be part of our response and we're watching as we get busier, our hospital systems get busier, we see the case count rise and this is the appropriate point along the plan to ask for some help from the national guard."

Models predict a peak in coronavirus cases in the next week or two in the St. Louis area.  Dr. Page says the county is working with hotels to be places for overflow patients.

Page also addressed testing, saying most of the county's orders are being canceled.

"We have heard that we expect over the end of this month and through May those tests will become more available on a national level and we will continue to compete.  Once we get a more robust testing environment in our country and here in our community, it will change dramatically our approach and we will certainly be able to ease our social distancing measures that frustrate everyone and have had a significant impact on our economy," Page says.

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