St. Louis' MLS team name will be unveiled in the 'next couple weeks'

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - The next big announcement for St. Louis' coming MLS franchise is going to happen in the next couple of weeks. 

Carolyn Kindle Betz, the head of the MLS4TheLou ownership group was in studio with KMOX's Mark Reardon on Monday and had a bit of a tease about some upcoming news. She says they'll be announcing the team name, logo and more soon. 

"We're hoping that it will come in the next couple weeks. Very soon," Kindle Betz says. "The MLS has a very strict process, so it just takes a little bit of time to make sure the team name makes sense, it fits and is a good representation of the city. We got more than 6,000 suggestions on our website, so we had to sort through those to probably the top five or six words, names, themes and have been slowly whittling down that list."

Take listen to the full conversation we had with Kindle Betz on the Mark Reardon Show here: 

Recently, she also spoke to soccer writer Grant Wahl and one of the things they talked about was when the team's name, logo and colors will be announced.

"We opened it up on our website and we got over 6,000 names," Kindle Betz told SI. "It took a little while to sort through. There were some common themes in there. So really right now it's just working with MLS, I'm trying to make sure we hone in on the specifics of what names would be truly iconic and unique to St. Louis. Then from there the colors, the crest."

She described how special it is to hear people around St. Louis talking about bringing their kids and grandkids to future games, when their inaugural MLS season begins in March 2022. Earlier this month, highway ramps were closed and dirt is beginning to be moved on the site of the coming stadium. 

I think it was also a big deal for the city too, because it's: 'Hey, St. Louis, we're really doing this.' So we look forward to a more intense, more robust groundbreaking. But for right now things are going as planned," she told SI. 

She was also asked about the possibility of expanding her soccer ownership to the National Women's Soccer League and says they are "up for suggestions and any ideas."

As far as what's next for St. Louis' team, expanding the front office team and beginning to find a coaching staff could soon be on the horizon. 

No decisions have been made yet on a spending strategy to assemble the roster – as far as if this team will want to spend large sums to attract some of the top available talent, or go with a build from youth approach. She says once a sporting director and technical staff is hired, then they'll dive deeper into that side of ownership:

"When you're not familiar with the sport and what the fans want, it's pretty hard to make a decision you feel good about. So I think once we start having that sporting side develop, and then we sit down with the ownership group and really talk about, you know, what is the philosophy of this team? I think that answer will just sort of organically come to us.