'I have to feel safe:' City resident contemplates leaving town after being shot at in St. Louis


ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - A woman who lives in downtown St. Louis posted the horrifying moments Monday during the rioting when shots were fired toward her apartment window. 

We spoke to her about what she believes led up to the gunshots and what she plans to do next. 

Claire Marie Flowers has lived downtown for over a decade and says she loves it, the people, shops and restaurants especially. 

But that love is being tested after what happened just before midnight Monday, when from her fifth-floor window, she says she saw three people jump the fence into her building's parking lot. So she went down stairs to get her car and says she used it block in their getaway car until the police came.

"Not a good idea," Flowers says.

She says they did as they were told but an hour later, she saw three more people jump the fence. This time she yelled at them from her window to stop what they were doing. She also started recording video.

"I couldn't tell if they were shooting at my from a car or on foot because I got down," Flowers says. "But they started shooting at me."

At that point she says she knew she couldn't call the police again because they were busy with the looting and vandalism. Since that morning, she and her boyfriend have moved in with a relative. She is considering leaving downtown.

"I don't want to give up on my neighborhood and I want to stay there, but then I also have to feel safe," Flowers says. "Wherever I live I want to feel safe." 

Flowers, a shoe designer, has tutored students at Vashon High School in the city. She says she believes education is the answer to changing the city and helping those young people who are in her words being failed. She does plan to file a police report Monday complete with the license plate of one of the cars the suspects were in.

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