St. Louis County will 'request' everyone wear a face mask in public

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ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - St. Louis County Executive Sam Page is staying mum on the specifics of what reopening county businesses will look like, but did give some insight into what mask requirements could be, starting May 18.

He says they will "request everyone out in public to wear masks."

"We are working on a requirement that will allow any business to refuse to serve anyone who comes in without a mask," Page says. "We are not going to be in the space of policing the general public to wear a mask. It will be strongly, strongly encouraged and certainly prudent."

Page believes businesses who aren't requiring employees to wear masks will be avoided by people own their own. The plan will also include a "request" that businesses require all employees to wear masks, especially in situations where people can't stay 6 feet away at all times.

"Businesses I believe who do not have people wearing masks will be policed more frequently by their customers than us," Page says. "But we will be watching those, we will respond to those complaints and we will track those."


At his media briefing Wednesday morning, Page says both St. Louis City and County officials continue to work together on specific guidelines for when they both reopen on May 18.

Page wouldn't say which types of businesses would be allowed to reopen immediately. He says those details will come later this week. You can watch his full announcement here: 

A public face mask requirement was put in place in Illinois last week, for all indoor and some outdoor public spaces. 

The state of Missouri allowed all businesses to reopen on Monday, with requirements to follow social distancing guidelines. 

Both St. Louis City and County are facing a lawsuit over its current stay-at-home orders. The suit was filed on behalf of businesses by attorney Beavis Schock, who says, "We accept the fact that people are going to die if we open up." The suit it set to be heard by a federal judge in St. Louis on Wednesday. 

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