'STL Startup Week' planned to take stock of tech success

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ST. LOUIS (KMOX) — As they continue growing, raising money, and hiring people, local start-ups will hold a week-long event in November to bring it all together.

It's the first time for "STL Startup Week," organized by Phyllis Ellison, the Vice President of Partnerships and Program Development at the Cortex Innovation District.

"We've been talking about it for a decade and I'm so excited that we've gotten all the support organizations in the region to come together to put this on," Ellison said.

Instances of "Startup Week" in cities like Denver and Austin draw tens of thousands of people. There's the hope for that here, too.

"For St. Louis, we really don't have a central entity that manages the startup community and in some of these other cities you have a more centralized function that's able to coordinate events like this," Ellison said. "We're doing it despite not having a centralized entity, and I'm really excited with what's pulling together."

"STL Startup Week" is slated for Nov. 1 through Nov. 9.

Startups are creating more jobs in Missouri than in any other sector. Many of these local companies are still hurting for skilled workers.

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