'I just need a bed and food': Tarasenko not worried about NHL hub city amenities

By Ben Boyd, KMOX

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - St. Louis Blues forward Vladimir Tarasenko knows the NHL bubble won’t be like a fancy resort, but that’s fine because he is focused on playing playoff hockey again after being activated from IR.  

"I don't need much to live. I just need a bed and food," Tarasenko told reporters via Zoom after Thursday’s Blues practice.

And we'll wrap up with the money quote from Tarasenko, on hub city life: "We don't go there like for a resort, where we're expecting unbelievable food service, like five-star summer resort. We've going for playing hockey ... I don't need much to live. I just need a bed and food."

— Jeremy Rutherford (@jprutherford) July 16, 2020

Tarasenko also discussed the Instagram video of him lifting his wife as a workout:

“It’s like a special workout. It’s something fun you have to do through quarantine. It’s not my everyday routine, but sometimes you can do this," Tarasenko says. 

Self quarantine/карантин с @tarasenko.yana 2.0 --️--❤️

A post shared by Vladimir Tarasenko (@vt9191) on Mar 24, 2020 at 6:42pm PDT

He said he will miss his family for the next couple months, but he has really good relationships on the team so he’s looking forward to hanging out again with his teammates.

Head coach Craig Berube likes what he sees so far from Tarasenko at camp.

“He looks like the Vladi of old to me,” Berube said. “He’s shooting the puck well. He’s been off for a long time, but he doesn’t look rusty to me.” 

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