Vietnam veteran in hospice care reunites with beloved dog to say final goodbye

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Vietnam War veteran John Vincent was running out of time.

He was admitted to hospice care with limited time to live and had just one request: to see his beloved dog "Patch" one last time.

However, he gave up his 6-year-old dog for adoption because, according to Albuquerque Animal Welfare, he had no family nearby in New Mexico. 

CBS News reports that Vincent's palliative care social worker Amy Neal contacted Albuquerque Animal Welfare about Patch getting a final moment with his previous owner, the center wrote. She told the animal center, according to a Facebook post, that Vincent "may not have much time left."

On October 17th, the reunion happened.

Patch took a trip down to the hospice center to be reunited with Vincent. Since the reunion, the dynamic duo's story has gone viral. 

"It was such a heart warming moment! They were so happy to see each other and to say their good byes," Albuquerque Animal Welfare wrote on Facebook. "It was an honor to make this veterans final wish come true."

Vincent remains in hospice care. Meanwhile, Patch will be the favorite companion of a new family, as Albuquerque Animal Welfare announced that Patch has already been adopted.

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