What you need to know before going back to a gym in St. Louis


ST. LOUIS (KMOX) -  Gyms throughout St. Louis County will be reopening on Monday. However, new safety measures will be in place from before you walk in the doors. 

Here's what patrons should expect to see: 

Temperature checks before entering the building

Before anyone enters, they must have their temperature taken by a touchless thermometer and if your temperature is above 100.4°F (38°C) then you will not be allowed in. Anyone entering will also need to provide their name, phone number or email address, home address, and date and time of entrance to the facility. If an electronic system for member sign-in is used, it must record the time when each person enters the facility.

Protective face masks

Gym patrons must wear a face covering at all times except when exercising. Employees must wear facial coverings at all times except when alone in an enclosed space. Gyms are required to have masks and other cleaning supplies for guests who may not have their own.

Social distancing of 12 feet is recommended 

You'll see signs in gyms that state: “Warning: droplets exhaled during exercise can travel up to 12 feet. Take care to avoid possible exposure.” Paths will be marked guiding people to entrances and exits and throughout the facility, establishing one-way paths when possible. 

Limited use of locker rooms, bathrooms and showers

The number of people inside restrooms and locker rooms will be limited based on the facility's size. Communal style showers, except those used only for rinsing at pool facilities, will be closed. Steam rooms and saunas must remain closed. If towels are provided by the gym, they must be stored in covered and sanitized containers that are clearly marked to avoid contact with used towels. 

There will also be signs throughout the locker rooms to remind gym members to maintain at least six feet of distance between others.

Increased cleaning and disinfection protocols

Customers will be required to clean machines and other gym equipment with disinfecting wipes before and after each use. Gyms are required to have adequate supplies to support healthy hygiene behaviors: Soap, hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol (for staff and customers), disinfecting wipes, face coverings, and tissues.

Employees will conduct hourly disinfection of high-touch surfaces, equipment and common areas of the facility using disinfectant cleaning supplies.