LISTEN: McGee says these Cardinals don't need extra motivation

ATLANTA (KMOX) - Willie McGee says he has to remind his players that his "chill" before games shouldn't be mistaken for being tired or not ready for the battle of game – especially an elimination game like Game 5 of the NLDS. 

"You know, these guys are super enthused and they look at me and I'm kind of chill, you know I do my work and (they say), 'Come on Willie. Wake up.'" McGee, the Cardinals 60-year-old coach says. "Man, I'm woke. I'll be there. I was asleep for 20 years and got it done, when it comes time I'll get it done."

And he says this year's Cardinals team is ready to get their work done in Atlanta. He says this team doesn't need a pregame speech or pep talk. 

"These guys are professional. Most of these guys have been there, done that. When you play this game long enough, if you have to be motivated at this point you don't have the right players," McGee says. "That's just being real."

Listen to the full conversation McGee had with our Mike Claiborne on the pregame show:

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