Relaxing COVID-19 orders next on agenda for St. Charles County

ST. CHARLES, Mo (KMOX) - The St. Charles County Executive tells KMOX there's growing momentum for reopening the economy.

Steve Ehlmann stresses St. Charles County won't be the first in the country to open back up, "I would think there would be people in Washington state, California, other places that experience this three or four weeks before we do, who might start opening sooner, and we'll be able to look and see what sort of experience they have.  Hopefully, before we have to make this decision we'll have examples of people who have done it and we'll know whether it's worked or hasn't."

He says the curve on coronavirus cases isn't flat yet, but is almost there. 

"Everybody who wants to reopen the economy, I think they're naive in thinking that everybody's going to automatically on the first day go back to what they were doing before," Ehlmann says.

He told KMOX's Charlie Brennan and Amy Marxkors that quarantine orders for anyone who has COVID-19 or has been exposed will be a crucial part of restarting business. You can hear more from him in the audio at the top of this page, beginning at the 12:10 mark.

Like St. Charles County did with closures, Ehlmann says it may be left up to individual businesses to determine how they provide a safe environment for patrons.

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