Road kill deer can be claimed in Illinois, officials remind

deer in road in front of car

ILLINOIS (KMOX) — If you're caught up on child support payments, Illinois officials are reminding you that you can claim dead deer off the side of the road. 

It's the time of year to watch for deer, especially in rural areas. Illinois Department of Natural Resources spokeswoman Rachel Torbert says you can claim the deer if you saw it get hit and the person who hit it doesn't want it. 

"If you saw the accident happen, the vehicle that was in that collision doesn't want to claim the deer, and you do — you can also do that," Torbert said. "It's only available for an Illinois resident, and only available if you are not delinquent on child support."

If the deer is severely injured but likely to die, you can still claim it, but you can't kill it — you'll have to contact local police to put the animal down.

The claim form is available online here.

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