SSM Health now offering $25 virtual doctor visits to anyone, anywhere


ST. LOUIS (KMOX) — SSM Health has launched a new virtual visit for 25 dollars to anyone, anywhere - regardless of insurance.  This is a new, quick and inexpensive way to get that mild illness treated without having to go see a doctor.  "This allows a patient to have a visit with a medical provider using either their telephone, their tablet, or their personal computer at home," said Erin Powell, the system director of Retail Health for SSM Health.   "Log on to our site and fill out a questionnaire about the symptoms you are having.  That's sent over to a provider and then dependent on whether you're an established patient with SSM or you're a new patient to SSM, you'll either receive a phone call back from that provider or we will connect with you via video visit on your smart phone, laptop, tablet or your computer." And then you'll get a call back from an SSM Health provider usually within 15 minutes -- but always in less than an hour. "Generally our response time we promise will be absolutely less than sixty minutes," Powell tells KMOX. "On average, it's taking us around less than 15 minutes to respond back to a patient.  The actual visit once we get you on the phone or via video visit is around one to five minutes so it's very quick.  The actual interactive online questionnaire probably takes five minutes itself, so it is brief and very convenient." So what kinds of illnesses can be treated? "These visits are really kind of meant for mild illnesses," said Powell.  "Cold, cough and flu, urinary tract and bladder infections, eye infections, rashes, maybe some bug bites, things like that.  Those more common, really minor ailments that are more of a nuisance than anything else.  But we'll be able to provide that treatment really conveniently." The goal of these virtual visits is to come up with a plan for identifying and treating the patient's illness. "We are able to diagnose and provide treatment, send a prescription to you via email in which you will choose the pharmacy of your choice, forward that on to them and get your prescription filled if that's what's necessary." Powell says this virtual visit is not for patients with more serious health problems -- like people on chemotherapy or with an immuno supressive disease or a transplant patient.  "And if we feel your condition would be better treated by an in person visit to a doctor, you will be referred to a clinic, urgent care, emergency room or a primary care physician -- and you won't be charged for the virtual visit," said Powell. "Our charge for being seen in a virtual visit is 25-dollars.  That's 25-dollars regardless of whether you have insurance or not.  That is just a flat fee.  So this really makes this option accessible and very affordable as well." For more information, log on to

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