St. Louis was grossed out by nasty smell near Busch Stadium last night

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - If you happened to be at Wednesday night's St. Louis Cardinals game, or were anywhere near the ballpark in downtown, you must have smelled what everyone was talking about. 

There was a rancid smell that many people around Busch Stadium were tweeting and posting on Facebook about. Here's what some said: 

Portions of downtown #STL smell like a combination of vomit and a Cargill processing plant right now. Any idea what this is??

— Alex Degman (@AlexDegmanKMOX) August 1, 2019

Yo but what is the smell at Busch Stadium ??

— Meg Schranck (@megsimmons00) August 1, 2019

Purina's headquarters are close by, but they don't make any dog food there. 

Did you smell it? What do you think it was?Text us at 314-436-7900!

— KMOX St. Louis News (@kmoxnews) August 1, 2019

Is it just me or does Busch Stadium literally smell like a steaming pile of dog food tonight #stlcards

— Allan Lewis (@AllanjLewis) August 1, 2019

Was there some kind of spill down the street at Purina?? The smell of wet dog food is hanging in Busch Stadium right now...

— Brian Stull (@StullySTL) August 1, 2019

What WAS that smell downtown last night? Some people are saying Busch Stadium stunk, but it was all over downtown. It was gross.

— Debbie Monterrey (@DebbieMonterrey) August 1, 2019

It wasn't like any kind of fart we've smelled before.

Why does all of Busch stadium smell like straight butthole? @Cardinals

— Phill Crapidy (@PCrapidy) August 1, 2019

There was at least one person connecting the smell to the Cardinals not making a big trade at the deadline.

It’s smell like a front office dumpster fire at Busch Stadium tonight for the @Cardinals game. Good thing @espn is here for it

— Chad Hill (@ChadHill2) August 1, 2019

A mixture of Cubs fans and horrible Cardinal baseball.

— Dr. Chip Beers -- (Blue Checkmark) (@DerTeeHarri) August 1, 2019

A few complaints were posted on Facebook too. One pointed out that a lot of Cubs fans were in town. Hmmm.

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