Uber of lawn mowing branches out into leaf removal

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) — Wish you could find someone to rake your leaves this fall?  Now there's an app for that.

The folks who brought you Mow Magic — an app that connects people with lawns with people with mowers — is now branching out into leaf removal.

"We had a number of people message us through our feedback section of the app and ask if we were going to offer leaf removal this fall," explains co-founder Mike Braun.  

And after surveying providers who use the app, Mike and his partner realized they had enough people with the right equipment to offer the service.

When people post a job they can request what they want. 

"There's a notes section of that post where they can request specific things ... such as 'I'd like you to bag the leaves,' or in some municipalities you just push them to the street, or 'I'd like you to remove them from my property,'" Braun said.

Like the lawnmowing side of the app, Braun says providers will be asked to complete any job posting within 48 hours of accepting it.

The St. Louis start-up is available in more than a dozen markets.

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