STUDY: Vaping-related lung injuries may be caused by chemical fumes

vape pen and smoke

(KMOX) — Following the deaths of more than a dozen individuals from vaping-related illnesses, a recent Mayo Clinic study finds that lung injuries from vaping are most likely caused by chemical fumes. 

While it has been suspected that the build-up of fat cells such as mineral oils was a possible cause of lung injuries associated with vaping, researchers found no evidence of this happening in lung biopsies from 17 patients.

Of the 17 patients examined, nearly three-fourths of them vaped marijuana or cannabis oils. All lung biopsies revealed acute lung injury, including pneumonitis, and two patients died.

"This is a public health crisis, and a lot of people are working frantically around the clock to find out what the culprit or culprits could be — and what chemicals may be responsible," Dr. Larsen said. "Based on what we have seen in our study, we suspect that most cases involve chemical contaminants, toxic byproducts or other noxious agents within vape liquids."

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