Kim Gardner's investigator indicted for perjury in Eric Greitens case

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ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - A 30-page indictment of Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner's investigator in the Eric Greitens case casts a harsh light on Gardner herself, although she is not charged. 

The seven-count indictment accuses Gardner's investigator, former FBI agent William Tisaby, of lying under oath and tampering with evidence during the 2018 invasion of privacy case against former Governor Eric Greitens, a case that was eventually dropped. 

Several times the indictment alleges Gardner knew Tisaby was providing false testimony under oath, but took no action to correct him. 

In some instances, the indictment says Gardner herself was asking questions of Tisaby under oath, when he gave answers she knew were false.

Among the false statements under oath by Tisaby alleged in the indictment :

- Did not take any notes during the Second Interview (of alleged victim).- Did not receive any documents or information from the Circuit Attorney's Office prior to the Second Interview.- Did not communicate with Gardner over the lunch break during his deposition.- Did not ask K.S. (the alleged victim) any substantive questions during the Second Interview.- Did not consult with or retain any experts regarding the Greitens Investigation prior to his deposition to acquire a photograph at issue in the matter.

In just one of several swipes at Gardner, the indictment says during the second interview Tisaby conducted with the alleged victim, Tisaby asked more than 150 questions of her.

The indictment says, "Again, Gardner made no effort to correct this testimony even though she sat by Tisaby's side as he asked those questions."

In April of last year, Gardner's Chief Trial Assistant, Former Circuit Court Judge Robert Dierker--who compared Tisaby to "Inspector Clouseau"--told the court he was going to report the allegations of perjury to the police department.  The indictment says, "He did not do so, explaining that Gardner had directed him not to report the allegations to police."

Dierker later resigned and now works for the St. Louis City Counselor's Office.

Greitens' lawyers filed a complaint with police and a special grand jury has been meeting for months sifting through evidence, including phone records and the contents of Gardner's emails.

Gardner's office declined to comment on the indictment, saying the case is still under a gag order. 

The grand jury investigation is ongoing. 

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