Working from home may be here to stay for more employees in the STL region

ST. LOUIS, MO (KMOX) - Experts say working from home may become standard operating procedure, even after coronavirus pandemic ends.

"They're going to say, wait a minute, I don't need to bring my entire workforce back into the office once everything opens up," says Joe Berger, Senior Director, Digital Workspace Practice, St. Louis-based World Wide Technology.

Berger says many clients tell him their staff has been just as efficient working remotely, "long term they may say, hey you know what, I can reduce my real estate footprint because I don't actually have desks for all of these people anymore.  I can enable them to go work from home."

Berger tells KMOX, clients have even told him their employees are more productive away from the daily commutes and office environment.

He says some of the challenges have been communication and training employees on technologies.

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