Tips on how to safely participate in World Naked Gardening Day

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(KMOX) - Some people say gardening can be a freeing activity for the mind, body and soul. Well it won't get much more free than this Saturday, May 4 when people across the globe will participate in the 14th annual World Naked Gardening Day. 

The American Association for Nude Recreation has some tips on how to safely enjoy a day of tending to their gardens, flower boxes and yards clothed only as nature intended – with with nothing between you, your plants and the sunshine, but a bit of sunscreen.

Before we even get to the tips, please don't try to do this at a community garden. It's a day meant for secluded work in your own backyard and out of sight from neighbors and the general public. So if you've got a little plot of paradise fenced off at home, here's how to safely garden nude: 

1. Keep your privates, private. People only want to see your berries and melons if they're attached to a plant, not a person;

2. Apply sunscreen liberally;

3. If you’re gardening at dawn or dusk, remember the bug repellant;

4. Prune roses, bougainvillea and other thorny plants with caution;

5. Don protective gardening gloves, hat and sun glasses;

6. Add to your comfort kneeling or sitting on a towel-covered gardening mat;

7. Appreciate the health benefits: Studies indicate your body needs at least 20 minutes a day of sunshine over at least 75% of your body to help prevent a vitamin D deficiency;

8. Tell someone about your experience. No one owns this event, so it really doesn’t matter who you tell, but tell someone. Write about it in your journal; or post it to your Facebook account, then tweet it too.  And of course, feel free to make World Naked Gardening Day an every day event.

9. Just hose down when you're all done. It saves on laundry, and makes for a quick personal clean up. 

Head to to hear from experienced nude gardeners on some things you should do to prepare for gardening naked. 

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