LISTEN: 10 years later, David Freese laughs with delight reminiscing of Game 6 heroics

David Freese, Game 6
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ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - David Freese is often reminded of Game 6 in the 2011 World Series by his close friends. He says it's usually them impersonating Mike Shannon's "Get up baby. Get up baby. Get up. Oh yeah!" call of the hometown hero hitting his walk-off home run.

Hearing the call Wednesday morning, on the 10 year anniversary of that game (likely the greatest in St. Louis Cardinals playoff history), Freese chuckled.

"I got close buddies that will just be walking down the street and they'll just be like, 'Get up! Get up!' in mid conversation and just start rolling," Freese says. You can hear that full interview with Sports Director Tom Ackerman here:

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10 Years later: David Freese remembers Game 6 in 2011 World Series