'Indians' likely making last stand in St. Louis

Cleveland Indians about to end 106 years of visiting St. Louis.
Wednesday game is likely last appearance of "Indians" in St. Louis.
Imminent name change means "Indians" end St. Louis history. Photo credit Joe Puetz USA TODAY sports

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - The likely last appearance of the Indians in St. Louis is scheduled for Wednesday night at Busch Stadium. The Cleveland baseball club is in the midst of changing their team name after decades of protests by Native American groups and advocates.

Unless both Cleveland and the Cardinals make it to the World Series, this would be the final visit by the Indians to St. Louis.

The history of the Indians in St. Louis began well for them, with a 6-1 victory over the St. Louis Browns at Sportsman's Park on April 18, 1915. As both teams played in the American League, the Indians were regulars at the corner of North Grand and Dodier. That continued until August 15, 1953 when Cleveland made their last appearance for several decades. The end came because the St. Louis Browns changed their name ... to the Baltimore Orioles. (Trivia: both current major sports teams in Baltimore, the Orioles and NFL's Ravens, were named the Browns when they moved there from other cities. The current Cleveland Browns are an expansion franchise.)

It wasn't until June 14, 1997 that the Cleveland Indians returned to St. Louis, again with a win 8-3. Since then, the Indians have regularly visited in inter-league play.

After the short, two-game series, the Indians will disappear from St. Louis Baseball history. Then again, both teams remain hopeful they could make the playoffs and win a pennant.

Otherwise, it will be the Cleveland Naps, or Spiders, or Forest Citys, or other name coming to town. There have been 1,200 suggestions submitted to the team and they're in the process of vetting them.

No timeline for a decision is indicated by the ball club, but they do say "Indians" will be gone by next season.

Worth noting, one of the names that appear on the lists of possible finalists is "Blues." St. Louis hockey fans might not welcome the next visit of Cleveland baseball if they choose that one.

What could be the last Indians "at" St. Louis Cardinals game is tonight at 7:15 p.m. on KMOX. The teams will play another two-game series in July in Cleveland.

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