WATCH: Pitcher tried 17 times to pickoff Vince Coleman – he still stole second


(KMOX) - Chris Welsh was nervous. Vince Coleman was dancing. Jack Buck was agitated. Fans booed their own pitcher.

On June 1, 1986 the hilarious and mind-boggling moment happened after the rookie base stealer was walked by Welsh. What followed was a total of 17 pickoff throws.

It took more than seven minutes between the first pickoff attempt and when Coleman stole second base. That's right, all that work by the pitcher didn't make a bit of difference. Here's a sped-up version of the video:

Coleman would finish his career with 752 total steals, which is good for 6th all-time in MLB history and an 80% success rate.

You can watch the full 7-minute clip on, here.

The story has been retold in length by's Matt Monagan. He spoke to Welsh, who was making his debut for the Cincinnati Reds on that day. The hometown kid was booed for the number of pickoff attempts and is now a Reds broadcaster.

Monagan also quotes Coleman and Willie McGee who was the batter for most of the pickoff attempts.

"I had knowledge against every pitcher I faced. Every pitcher had a flaw, tips or tendencies. When he came set -- and I mean Welsh, but not only Welsh -- I'm talking about all left-handers. If you look at Jim Deshaies, Bruce Hurst, Zane Smith, Frank Viola, [Rick] Honeycutt ... [Coleman went on to name almost every lefthander he ever faced in baseball] ... when they came set, I knew when they were going home or going to first. Now, that may seem kinda cocky, but I had that knowledge."

"I once heard from someone in the Minor Leagues, I can't remember who, but he said: 'You know my theory on picking runners off? Throw over one more time than you think is necessary. I guess I took that to the extreme."

"Vince, you know, man, you changed the whole game with you being on base. It became a whole different mentality."

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