Alderman Boyd: St. Louis needs more police, not less

Jeffrey Boyd, Alderman for St. Louis' 22nd Ward, does not agree with cutting the city's police budget

St. Louis (KMOX) - One St. Louis city alderman is pushing back on a controversial plan around public safety.

Jeffrey Boyd represents the city's 22nd Ward, which includes some neighborhoods just north of Forest Park. He joined the Dave Glover Show on KMOX and says he's not on board with Mayor Tishaura Jones' plan to cut the budget from the police department.

"It irritates me when people say we're over policed. You don't live over here," Boyd said on the Dave Glover Show. "I'm sick and tired of the people who don't look like me that live across town or somewhere else trying to tell me what we need in our neighborhood.

"We don't see the police enough."

Boyd also posted on Twitter a doorbell video of someone shooting into a home with a family inside. He says this is what his constituents face.

Boyd says police need to enforce the law. He says too many people in blighted neighborhoods think they can get away with anything.

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