LISTEN: Andy Cohen still upset he got kicked off his HS water polo team for being too talkative

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Who says it's lame to go back to your old school? If it's cool enough for Andy Cohen, it should be cool enough for anyone.

The St. Louis native is back in town for Thanksgiving and he tells Charlie Brennan and Amy Marxkors on KMOX, “I’m so excited to see everyone tonight at Clayton High School my old alma mater where I’m going to sign books and see everybody.”

His new book "Glitter Every Day: 365 Quotes from Women I Love" was a project he started during the pandemic.

“During the pandemic I was looking for something to do, so I got this idea for this book which is inspired by all the great women in my world from my mom and my sisters, to divas I’ve grown up loving to the Real Housewife’s and beyond," he says.

Although Cohen is in the Clayton High School Hall of Fame, not all memories from his high school days are good.  He was kicked off the water polo team for talking too much (which led to the title of his first book "Most Talkative"). He’s still irked by that.

“If I could contest that tomorrow with the Clayton School board I would make an appearance and plead my case,” Cohen says. He did not receive a varsity letter for water polo and was omitted from the team picture.

Cohen is the first openly gay talk show host in the U.S. We talked about how it went when he first told his mom, Evelyn, that he was gay.

“Well that’s another quote that is in the book because she very famously said ‘I probably would’ve hated your wife anyway,’” Cohen says.

Was he nervous when he told his mom?

“Yes I was definitely nervous … and her quote was a relief. She was right. She would’ve hatted that poor woman," he says.

In February of 2019 Cohen became a first time surrogate father to Benjamin who will be joining his dad on the trip back to St. Louis for Thanksgiving. We talked about raising a child as a single parent.

“It’s great. So far so good. I have a lot of women in my life helping me out," Cohen says. "He (Benjamin) makes it really easy. He’s a cheerful great kid. He makes it fun. I learn things everyday.”

Although Andy has several jobs he gets to see his son throughout the day.

“I don’t leave for my show until past his bedtime so it really works out," Cohen says.

Tuesday's talk book signing event is sold out.

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