Attorney: Missouri employers can mandate coronavirus vaccinations

A leading St. Louis attorney says Missouri allows for flu shot mandates, likely coronavirus as well.

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - A leading St. Louis attorney believes employers could require their workers to get a coronavirus vaccine as a condition of keeping their jobs. Mark Cantor, founding attorney at Cantor Injury Law, tells KMOX's Mark Reardon Show, the law in Missouri permits a flu vaccine mandate. But he adds, "There's not a precedent for this, so you've got to look at other similar types of employment related issues, so I would look at the flu vaccine for this conversation."

The situations would be similar, if not even more compelling with COVID-19, a far more lethal virus than influenza. Mr. Cantor says he's been studying the matter and it appears the law would come out on the side of employers, even as estimates of up to 40% of Americans surveyed said they would not get the coronavirus vaccine.

The opinion aired by Cantor on KMOX is for discussion purposes, and does not constitute legal advice.

He says Missouri law does allow for exceptions, such as those covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Exactly what kind of disability would prevent someone from getting the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine is unclear.

Cantor went on to say it would also be an interesting legal question as to whether companies could legally require customers to have been vaccinated before getting service. He cited the airline industry as one possible example. Others that may look into the legality would be theaters and sports teams, those that have large crowds in a confined space for prolonged periods of time.

As for offering proof, the Department of Defense will be providing coronavirus vaccination cards, mostly to give reminders of when recipients would be needing their second dose. That card could conceivably become your ticket into a game, an airplane, a theater... or even for keeping your job.

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