Voice of Caring: Home Works! The Teacher Home Visit Program

HOME WORKS! The Teacher Home Visit Program partners families and teachers for children’s success.
Home Works!
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HOME WORKS! is the only organization in the St. Louis region that trains, supports and pays teachers to go to the homes of their struggling students – virtually, now – to get their parents engaged in their education.

Too many of our low-performing students are starting school one and two years behind because there was little to no reading and talking from birth. Before COVID-19, Missouri public school students were in school 13.9% of each year (174 school days a year times 7 hours a day). The rest of the time (summer, vacations, weekends, and the part of the day they are not sleeping or in school) are key opportunities for learning, but too often little is going on academically at home.

Schools can’t do 100% of the work in less than 14% of the time. They must have academic support from the home for the students to succeed in school and in life.

LISTEN: Home Works! Founder and CEO Karen Kalish

HOME WORKS! trains teachers, empowers families, and supports schools  by building trust and connection between parents and teachers, home and school. During the virtual home visits teachers and parents set goals and review grade-level expectations; and parents learn about their child’s school performance, how to work and play with their children at home to increase academic achievement, and are urged to read and talk with their children daily.

“Opening the communication with certain parents has been the greatest, positive moment. Every HOME WORKS! virtual home visit has helped those relationships tremendously. Parents are asking for more virtual meetings after having the virtual home visit. I have seen kids’ grades and attendance improve”. – Teacher, Eagle College Prep, Fox Park

HOME WORKS! – The expert in family and teacher engagement.
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