Budweiser really is 'King of Beers' across US

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ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Budweiser has truly earned its slogan: "King of Beers"

A new survey show the Anheuser-Busch product is the No. 1 selling beer in 23 states, by far the most of any beer. That's according to Top Data's beer report, which also found that sales of alcohol are have gone up by 8.92% since the pandemic reached the U.S.

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They surveyed beer drinkers around the country and found that almost 24% of respondents are drinking 20 or more beers each month – however, about 34% of respondents also said they drink zero beers per month.

They created this graphic to show which beer is most popular in each US state:

beer map
Photo credit (TopData)

Top Data also found which beers are the top-5 for each state. In Missouri:
1. Budweiser
2. Bud Light
3. Coors Light
4. Heineken
5. Stella

And in Illinois:
1. Goose Island
2. Budweiser
3. Stella
4. Bud Light
5. Heineken

beer list by state
Photo credit (TopData)

You can see the full report, here.

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