Car dealers in Missouri optimistic they'll have more new cars on the lot soon

Missouri car dealers are optimistic that inventories will increase
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The head of the Missouri Automobile Dealers Association is optimistic a turn-around is coming for those who sell new cars.

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Doug Smith says dealers have been battling supply chain issues and dwindling inventories for about 14 months. That's been disappointing to potential customers. "If they've got their heart set on a certain trim package, or a certain style, or a certain vehicle, when they go now, they might not find what they're looking for," says Smith. "I think in four to six, hopefully three months from now we may see that start to improve."

When it comes to electric cars - Smith says interest has never been higher - but he figures until more charging stations are added across Missouri - and batteries are improved - those sales will remain just a small part of a dealer's business. "There's 29 different electric vehicles... ...from the manufacturers that sell vehicles in Missouri," points out Smith. "You're going to see that number rapidly increase to where I would say in a couple of years you're going to have a hundred vehicle options."

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