Charges dropped against St. Louis man accused of bombing ex-wife's car

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - A St. Louis woman whose ex-husband could get out of federal prison later this year is angry that Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner has now dropped the state case. He's serving time for allegedly bombing her car in the driveway of her home, just feet from their son's bedroom.

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In 2018, Dean McBaine allegedly set off a bomb underneath his ex-wife, Katie Motes', vehicle. He was later convicted of failure to register an explosive and sentenced to five years in prison.

But he was also facing up to 30 years in prison for charges from local prosecutors, that included arson, endangering the welfare of a child, unlawful possession of a weapon, and property damage. But according to a new report from KSDK, "Gardner's office missed the 180-day deadline it had to bring McBaine to trial or object, so the state charges against him should be dismissed."

Motes can't understand it. She tells KMOX if the evidence was good enough to put her ex in federal prison, then Gardner should be able to handle the case too.

"I'm completely disgusted by it," Motes says. "The circuit attorney's office has completely failed myself, my son and the citizens of St. Louis. They care more about protecting criminals than protecting the children in our community."

In dropping the case, Gardner's office holds onto the option of refiling the charges later.

KMOX reached out to a spokesman for the circuit attorney seeking an explanation, but she did not return our call.