Dry weather could spark firework-related fires

Fire officials in Missouri warn dry lawns could be a fire hazard if you're shooting off fireworks this fourth of July
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SAINT LOUIS, MO (KMOX) - A bottle rocket from the kid down the street lands on your dry lawn, and suddenly you've got a grass fire threatening to spread to your house.

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Battalion Chief Andy Anderson with the Fenton Fire Department says he's worried about all the dry lawns out there, and wants people to turn on the sprinkler. "We always recommend watering the lawn if you can, and sometimes when we get these droughts really bad it's hard to justify watering your lawn, but if you can, especially the night before you're launching fireworks, or if they happen to be launching fireworks in the neighborhood near your house."

Anderson says you should also get your gutters cleaned out if they're packed with dry leaves or pine needles that could catch fire.

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