Expert: Stop writing down passwords

SAINT LOUIS, MO (KMOX) - April 12th is "Identity Management Day". One expert tells KMOX, it's time to give up a little convenience to gain more security.

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You've heard the mantra: Create a long, unique, and complex password for every account you have. People who spend their time in the cyber realm say that's really just the beginning of protecting your personal information. "You need to prove you're you in more ways than one, so having a password alone is not enough, for example," point out Lisa Plaggemier, Interim Executive Director of the National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCA).

Plaggemier stresses the importance of using multifactor authentication to access your online accounts. That can mean codes you receive by text or using authenticator apps. "If somebody else on the other side of the world has your password, your credentials, your user ID and your password to your account -- if they don't also have your phone in their hands or have access to your email, then they can't get into your account.

Plaggemier discourages people from writing passwords down, in case those notes gets lost and/or the wrong person finds them. Instead she suggests using encrypted password managers on your devices.

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