Murder by Google? It may be key in trial of prominent Edwardsville attorney's alleged killer

internet search, Timothy M. Banowitz
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EDWARDSVILLE, Ill. (KMOX) - The internet searches of a man accused of murdering a well-known Madison County, Illinois attorney will figure prominently in his upcoming trial.

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In January 2020, attorney Randy Gori was stabbed to death in his Edwardsville mansion while his two young sons were tied up. The alleged killer, Timothy M. Banowitz, had a "to-do" list that including burning down Gori's home with the victims still inside, according to prosecutors.

According to motions filed in the case by the Madison County Prosecutor's office, the evidence will show that the defendant had Googled the victim with the intent of robbing him.

The case being planned will attempt to prove that Banowetz made Google searches of the victim, the victim's property map, and entered on search asking, "What does $1 million look like?"

Motions portray Banowitz as someone who acted alone, looking for some way to pay off $11,000 in college loan debt that was coming due the weekend after the murder was committed. Banowitz was a student at St. Louis College of Pharmacy.

He allegedly had a list of information about Gori and his plans on his phone, including finding Zip ties, Gori's wealthy family members, photos of his house and his expensive collection of cars. He also had studied a home and wooden area near Gori's home, which was the same location he was arrested in Gori's Rolls Royce, according to prosecutors.

Banowitz is represented by a public defender in the trial set to start on Oct. 4. He's charged with three counts of first-degree murder, three counts of theft, possession of a stolen motor vehicle, and unlawful restraint.

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