Humor is spice of life for disabled teen entrepreneur

A 17 year old with Cerebral Palsy -- and a spicy sense of humor -- has created his own line of hot sauces called Crippling Hot Sauce.

"If I didn't have a sense of humor, I would not be able to get through all of the challenges I have had in life," explains Drew Davis. "From learning how to sit up when I was younger, to swallowing, or even some of the later challenges I've had recently and surgeries."

A Jefferson County teen -- turned entrepreneur -- pokes fun at his disability with his own line of hot sauce.
17 year old Drew Davis is the creator of Crippling Hot Sauce Photo credit Megan Lynch/KMOX

Drew relies on his motorized wheelchair for mobility. His fire and drive inspired the graphic for Crippling Hot Sauce -- a chili pepper in a wheelchair, flames shooting out of its mouth. The mild is called 'Just for the Parking' a dig at people who may not need it, but use disabled parking placards.

There's his medium hot sauce, 'Limping'. "The whole point of that, it's in the middle between being fully disabled and not," says Drew. Finally there's 'Crippling Agony' which he describes as "so hot you can't do anything sort of hot."

KMOX asked Drew if he was worried his sense of humor might offend other members of the disabled community. "I messaged about 250 disabled community members. They thought it was great and they loved the name. A lot of us have the same sense of humor. I haven't had any pushback."

Drew says he's been reaching out to dozens of businesses to place his product in local stories. So far, two -- Harold's market in Imperial and Beersauce in St. Peters are stocking it. He's sold more than 500 bottles in the 2 1/2 weeks since he launched.

A portion of sales of Crippling Hot Sauce will go to the International Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation.

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