Increasing amount of women set sites on Missouri deer hunting season

Conservation spokesman says there's about a 25% increase of female hunters in Missouri since 2008.
female hunter with dead deer
Photo credit Elise Rich

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - There is an upward trend of female participation in hunting. Eric Edwards is an Education Outreach Coordinator for the Missouri Department of Conservation.

"We've seen an increase over the past 15 to 20 years in women hunters and also an increase in female competitors in shooting sports, maybe even more than hunting," Edwards says.

He says last year they had over 21,000 female hunters compared to 2008 when they had 17,000 female participants.

Manufactures of outdoor equipment are capitalizing on the trend too. Edwards said women can find hunting gear and firearms made specifically for them.

"When it comes to bows and firearms women no longer have to hope that their the same size as a man for gun to fit them right," Edwards says. "There are a lot of options out there for women."

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