Jeff Foxworthy on the state of comedy, Jay Leno's cars, and his history with KMOX

jeff foxworthy doing standup
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Comedian Jeff Foxworthy is making a stop at the Fabulous Fox this fall with Jay Leno. Foxworthy, a radio veteran and Georgia native, joined The Show on KMOX ahead of his St. Louis visit in November.

"I have such a sweet spot for KMOX," Foxworthy said. "In my early days, and we're going back to like, the 80s when nobody knew who I was, I used to come in there and I would pretend to be a truck driver."

While he would get on the air and always make people laugh, it later struck him that the bit wasn't helping his career at all -- he was using fake name, so nobody knew who he was.

Foxworthy talked about his friendship with Jay Leno -- and Leno's collection of sportscars.

"The man wipes his butt with 80 cars, he has like a billion cars," Foxworthy joked. "I've never seen so many cars in all my life."

Foxworthy talked with The Show about his career, the current state of comedy, and more. Listen to their conversation below, and find tickets for tickets to his upcoming show here.