LISTEN: Loyal fan says downtown crime driving her away from Cards/Blues games

SAINT LOUIS, MO (KMOX) - Crime is taking its toll on Cardinals and Blues fans.  "A reason I don't like to go downtown anymore is I feel like I'm going to get robbed." One fan, who asked to remain anonymous, confided in KMOX about her recent experience, as she and her husband returned to their car after a game and found the window smashed out.

"I felt so violated, they tore the whole inside of my car apart.  I assume they were looking for guns, because there was nothing else in our car worth stealing.  To come back to all the glass.  We drove home and little pieces of glass were coming out of the window.  We drove home with my coat over my head... ...I didn't want to get hit by glass flying."

When she called her son, he told them about his friends' cars that had been broken into outside a local brewery.

As if that's not enough, her parents worked for Explore St. Louis, recommending places for visitors to go. Now, they too are afraid to come down to the city they loved. "There was a rolling gun battle when they were driving home in broad daylight from the Convention and Visitors Center. They were in the middle of it and the car in front of them crashed because he had been shot."

The woman says she may not be coming back to Cardinals games -- at least on week nights -- because there are not as many people. She's worried it will make her more of a target. Her husband is considering skipping upcoming Blues playoff games.

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