Goodbye Twitter? Massive layoffs, spoof accounts signal the site's downfall

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Security experts are worried that fraud will be rampant on Twitter after massive layoffs by new owner Elon Musk — and a new round of resignations.

Ben Auton, co-founder of SingleWave technologies in St. Charles, says users who have come to trust verified accounts should now be on the lookout for spoofs and scams.

“There will be some potential opportunists that will use the chaos of the transition and the disturbance at the company in order to take advantage of some of the chaos,” he said.

Auton is concerned about the potential for data breaches because of the high number of security personnel let go by the social media giant.

Last night, another round of people left the company after the deadline passed for an ultimatum from Musk. In an email, he told employees that they needed to be more “hardcore,” and that if they wanted to stay on board they should respond “yes” to a survey. Everyone who didn’t respond by Thursday evening would be let go with three months of severance.

In the month of November alone, Twitter has lost thousands of staffers and has slashed services, even some that allowed people to log in using two-factor authentication. Thursday night, many users tweeted their goodbyes to the social media site -- even getting #RIPTwitter trending -- after predictions came about that the site had about a week left before it all came to an end.

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