LISTEN: Missouri congresswoman inside Capitol says ‘this is 1,000 times worse’ than 9/11

Republican Ann Wagner calls the violence at the Capitol "despicable" in call to KMOX's Mark Reardon

WASHINGTON DC (KMOX) - Republican Rep. Ann Wagner of Missouri is calling the violence at the U.S. Capitol "horrific" and "despicable", saying it has no place in our country.

Wagner says she decided to evacuate when the crowds starting breaching nearby buildings and shortly after hearing loud detonations outside, Wednesday afternoon.

She told KMOX's Mark Reardon about the chaos, "there are shots being fired, they're breaking through windows, people are getting hurt, this is not a peaceful protest or civil disobedience." Wagner adds Capitol security was overwhelmed with the show of force.

Wagner says she and a staffer barely escaped.

"I was in the Capitol at the Republican National Committee on 9/11 and this is a 1,000 times worse even that was in terms of my emotions and feelings," Wagner says.

Wagner says the President bears responsibility to stop what she called "seditious behavior". The Congresswoman tells KMOX "it's not enough to send out a tweet and say let's protect our men and women in blue. He needs to do something and take immediate action."

Wagner called the violence "an attempt to overthrow our democratic process."

The D.C. National Guard was called in as a person was shot and taken to the hospital, at least one explosive device has been found near the building and many were forced to seek safety in offices or flee the building.

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