New tool alerts you to online misinformation

Trend Micro Check designed to help families determine whether information in links has been verified and sources have a good track record
Helping kids navigate online information
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ST. LOUIS, MO (KMOX) - Events these last few weeks may have left many parents wondering how they can help children navigate information on the internet.

KMOX Virtual Consumer Editor Megan Lynch spoke with software and security services company Trend Micro. Trend Micro says it's created a way for families to verify information and sources.

Lynette Owens, Founder and Global Director of Trend Micro’s Internet Safety for Kids and Families (ISKF) program says their tool Trend Micro Check can help you determine whether the information in a link or online article has been verified.

"The way that we're able to do that is actually through connecting with the International Fact-Checking Network. So much like, I believe Google, Facebook and Twitter, will flag information that has already been called into question and has been independently fact-checked by members of the IFCN," Owens explains.

Owens says the program will also help you gauge the quality of the source of information through their partnership with News Guard.

"News Guard is actually evaluating the source of the news, the actual organizations producing the news rather than the piece of information itself. So if you send us that link to one of the organizations that has been flagged by them as either not a reputable or trustworthy source of information, or one of several criteria they use to rate those organizations, we will report that back to you."

Trend Micro Check doesn't block access. It's up to you and your children to decide whether you will go ahead and view or share a link.

The program also helps detect scams and malicious links that may compromise your cyber security.

Owens points out, these types of tools can help, but its ultimately up to each one of us to pause, question, and verify, before acting on things we see online.

Trend Micro Check is currently available as an extension for Google Chrome, and can also be used through Whats App and Facebook Messenger.

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