St. Louis officials uncover original Anheuser-Busch bottle labels from 1800s

Original anheuser busch logo
Photo credit Stuart McMillian/KMOX

The St. Louis Recorder of Deeds office has recovered some St. Louis brewery history.

In some old archive books, recorder Michael Butler found some of the original Anheuser-Busch beer bottle labels.

KMOX's Stuart McMillian took a look at the labels, and reported that they don't look too far off from how they do today. The lettering, the crowns, and more have stuck around all the way since the late 1800s.

There are a couple minor changes -- instead of the letters 'AB' that are currently on the label, the old bottle says 'CCC,' which are the initials of the original patent holder for the taste of Anheuser-Busch.