Restaurants vow to continue fight against county indoor dining ban

Judge's ruling against injunction is just one step, says the Missouri Restaurant Association.
A legal setback Friday won't stop the battle over indoor dining.
Missouri Restaurant Association vows to continue the legal fight. Photo credit Missouri Restaurant Association

SAINT LOUIS COUNTY, MISSOURI (KMOX) - A County Judge refused to issue a temporary injunction Friday against the indoor dining ban issued by St. Louis County Executive Sam Page last week. Missouri Restaurant Association CEO Bob Bonney issued the following statement in response to the setback:

"Today was a first but necessary step in the lawsuit filed by St. Louis County restaurants and the Missouri Restaurant Association against St. Louis County, County Executive Sam Page, and the County Medical Director. It is always an uphill battle to obtain a temporary restraining order, and today's hearing was no exception.

The fact that the judge denied the restaurants' request for a TRO does not mean he ruled against the restaurants on the merits of their claim, but it does mean that the shut-down order remains in effect while the case proceeds. The restaurants have not lost the case and no judge has declared that any of the medical director's unilateral orders should have the force of law. A decision on that issue will happen later.

The attorneys are working to have that decision made as soon as possible, on an emergency basis. We are confident that once those issues are heard, the restaurants will succeed in showing that the Stay at Home Order, and all other rules and regulations issued unilaterally by the medical director, are not enforceable until the County Council approves them."

The lawsuit is joined by about three-dozen St. Louis County restaurants.

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MRA CEO Bob Bonney says lawsuit will continue.