KMOX Media Literacy Project 'pulls back the curtain'

New season of podcasts go inside the news and information industry, including KMOX Radio
What the Media?!!?
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ST. LOUIS, MO (KMOX) - What happens in media may seem like smoke and mirrors. KMOX News and our podcast "What the Media?!!?" is 'pulling back the curtain' and offering access to the people who manage the inner workings of media outlets.

The latest podcast to drop in Season 2, Selling Songs in the age of Syncing and Streaming. Megan Lynch and Julie Smith bring veteran Record Producer and Engineer Carl Nappa into the studio to talk about what makes for a great song and why records don't make money anymore, but the rights to a song do. Click below to listen to the episode.

Podcast Episode
What the Media?!!?
"What the Media?!!?" - Selling songs in the age of syncing and streaming