While St. Louisans wait, rural vaccination events in Missouri have leftover doses

Governor Parson again defends vaccine distribution

JEFFERSON CITY, MO (KMOX) - A Wednesday mass vaccination event in southeast Missouri's Bollinger County, that saw only 648 of 1,950 available doses administered, has Missouri Gov. Mike Parson defending the state's distribution plan.

Parson denied again that rural areas are getting more than their fair share of the vaccine.

"The formula is the same wherever it is," he says. "It's based on the population where you are at so there's nobody in rural Missouri getting vaccinated any more than anyone in urban areas. It's just not happening."

A state spokesperson says the 1,300 doses that were not given out at the event, were sent to a major pharmacy in the area so they could be administered.

Thursday in northwestern Missouri, some 1,100 doses were sent to a mass vaccination event in Princeton, Mo. Only 401 shots were given out Wednesday.

Region H Implementation Team Coordinator Jayney White expected the rest to be given out before the event closed at 6 pm.

"You're looking at a very rural community," she says. "We did 2,400 second doses out of Savannah earlier this week. You gotta look at the logistics and the roadways and the access to where you're at and take all that into consideration as well."

While St. Louis area residents are growing frustrated with the lack of vaccines, White believes the state is doing the best it can.

"You're looking at a whole lotta people and trying to figure out how to put that across the state," she says. "They're doing the best they can with what we have right now. It's not like we have an unlimited supply of vaccine coming into the state either, that would make all our lives a lot easier."

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