Sports betting has widespread support. Why hasn't Missouri legalized it?

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For the second consecutive year, the legalizing of sports betting in Missouri has failed to pass the legislature, despite having the backing of the state's six professional teams, and casinos.

Mike Leara, chairman of the Missouri Gaming Commission, told KMOX that people have been preparing for the legalization of sports betting for years -- it's not something new -- but there were some disagreements in the state Senate about what the focus should be when legalizing sports betting.

"They thought, well, if we're going to expand gambling, let's take a look at the bigger picture, not just this one issue," Leara said. "I think the hang up has been taking a look at all of the gaming in the state as it occurs and bringing that under regulation."

There was also some debate on how sports betting would be taxed versus casinos. Casinos in the state are taxed at 21% for their games and slot machines.

"There was more than one proposal. There was a range from 6% tax on sports betting all the way up to the 21%," he said. "They have seen with all of the other casino gaming. So where that where that falls into place, I don't know, I think that that can be ironed out."

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