'I want people to not be afraid': Woman describes side effects after taking Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine

Experienced some side effects for one day. Encourages everyone to get it when it becomes available.

NASHVILLE, TN (KMOX) - "I haven't grown an 11th toe. I'm still alive and kicking out antibodies to this nasty little virus."

That's what Amy Brown, a Nashville, Tenn. resident is saying after getting the two doses of the coronavirus vaccine being developed by Pfizer.

The Mizzou graduate who rides a Harley Davidson and plays in a rock n' roll band, got her first shot in August and her second shot about two weeks later.

"These are intramuscular injections," she says. "It's a big needle that goes into your muscle, into your arm."

Her arm was a bit sore after the first shot. It was after the second shot she started feeling some side effects.

"It was just for 24 hours," she says. "I call it 'loopy.' I just didn't feel good. I just felt loopy that whole next day. I didn't have trouble getting out of bed. I didn't run a fever. I just didn't feel good."

Brown says she wasn't worried though, because it's typical of vaccines she's had before. Pfizer plans to extend the time between shots to 21 days, which she says could alleviate the side effects.

Because it's a blind trial, she's not supposed to know if she actually got the vaccine. But, Brown got her own antibodies tested, "And, I have anitibodies to COVID-19," she says, "So, I'm excited!"

Despite that, she still wears a mask and socialy distances, because even though she can't contract the virus, it's not known if she can still transmit it to others.

Pfizer will follow her for the next two years. Meanwhile, she has a message for those wondering if they should get the vaccine when it becomes available:

"I want people to not be afraid. I want people to think beyond maybe some things they're rolling around in their heads and know that vaccines are great stuff."

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