Woman has 'litter rage' from driving past so much trash on St. Louis County highway

trash on St. Louis highway
Photo credit (Kevin Killeen, KMOX)

ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KMOX) - Trash along the highway. It's always been a thing. But this year it may be worse than ever in the area.

MoDOT says because of the pandemic it's been almost a year since state prisoners helped pick up roadside litter. Commuter Alice Logan rides to work along Interstate 70 from Hazelwood to Jennings and she wonders what visitors must think.

"They would surely think something is going on in St. Louis. That we're having some type of protest or that we're upset about something," Logan says. "This is not a healthy thing for people to do."

Logan says it's changing her mood, and she's feeling something she calls "litter rage."

MoDOT District Maintainance Engineer Bob Becker says mowing crews are doing extra litter pick up work.

On Tuesday, we saw about 20 bags of freshly-picked-up trash along Interstate 70 near Northwoods.

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