Snowstorm strands shoppers overnight in Denmark IKEA

Photo credit Getty Images | Stephen Chernin/Stringer

Just days after a snowstorm left concertgoers trapped in a pub with an Oasis cover band, about 30 people were forced to spend the night at an IKEA in Denmark due to inclement weather.

The roads leading to the Aalborg location of the popular furniture store were considered too dangerous after about 30 cm of snow fell Wednesday.

“We slept in the furniture exhibitions and our showroom on the first floor, where we have beds, mattresses and sofa beds,” store manager Peter Elmose told the Associated Press.

The in-store cafeteria provided chips and cinnamon rolls to the couple dozen workers and handful of shoppers trapped there, as well as employees of a nearby toy shop who also were unable to get home.

A local TV station, TV2 Nord, tweeted out a picture of an elderly couple enjoying a full test-run of one of the display beds.

I have probably never tried that before, but we have slept well in the hours when we could sleep,” Erik Bangsgaard, 75, told the station Thursday morning of his night on a pull-out sofa bed.