The latest on Hunter Biden's laptop as investigation is set to begin

Hunter Biden
Photo credit Drew Angerer/Getty Images

With House Republicans promising to launch their own probe alongside the already-ongoing federal investigation into the foreign business dealings of Hunter Biden, the President’s son has now fired a legal salvo of his own, according to NewsNation.

Biden’s legal team has sent letters to state and federal law enforcement agencies and a number of conservative pundits threatening civil suits against anyone who has disseminated the information that has leaked from the federal investigation, purported to be taken from a laptop that Biden left with a Delaware repair shop and never retrieved.

The Department of Justice and Fox News host Tucker Carlson were both on Biden’s mailing list, among others.

Biden’s lawyers are asking the DOJ to look into any allies of former President Donald Trump who helped amplify the story first reported by the New York Post in October 2020, one that included descriptions of emails supposedly taken from the laptop.

Biden’s attorney Abbe Lowell clarified to NewsNation though that these letters are not an admission of the existence of a laptop or that it belonged to Biden, only that sensitive personal information was gained and distributed through the media.

“These letters do not confirm (the computer shop owner, John Paul Mac Isaac) or others’ versions of a so-called laptop,” Lowell said in a statement to NewsNation. “They address their conduct of seeking, manipulating and disseminating what they allege to be Mr. Biden’s personal data, wherever they claim to have gotten it.”

Biden is reportedly under active investigation by federal authorities for tax crimes, but his legal team said that political foes of President Joe Biden have engaged in “wild speculation” publicly about what might be contained among Biden’s personal data held by the authorities, whether it came from a laptop or elsewhere.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Drew Angerer/Getty Images